It’s not the ‘white working class’. The real home of bigotry is elsewhere | Faiza Shaheen

Source: The Guardian
Poorer people get blamed for everything. But it’s actually middle-income earners who are most prejudiced

New research this week has undermined the widely held view that to be prejudiced you must be poor. It turns out that, rather than the working class or the poorest, it is middle-income earners – those on salaries of £25k-£50k – who are more likely to feel threatened by immigrants: Muslims, Gypsies and Travellers. Tell me something I don’t know.

For years, we have had a deeply divisive and incorrect conversation about the working class. We constantly hear the working class is white rather than multi-ethnic; that it is the white working class who disproportionately voted for Brexit, even though that is factually incorrect; and that it is among the white working class that we find the majority of British racism.

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