A Cussing, Soul-Shaking Good Time

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The Memphis mainstay with a filthy mouth and millions of views is making headlines again. The controversial “cussing pastor” is at it again, this time defending his right to host a provocative twerking contest in his Memphis church.

“This message is for all you hypoChristians who live hypocritical and f***ed up lives when you have the nerve to judge someone else,” begins Thaddeus Matthews, leader of the Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries, in an Instagram video. “I look at many of you who have criticized the young ladies…dancing in my gymnasium. I look on your pages, you got your a**, your titties out. You got all type of trash in your life but you want to be the one to judge – f*** you.”

These are the kind of profane messages that have attracted millions of online viewers to this three-year-old ministry and have allowed Matthews to build on a life long career as a controversial broadcaster in Memphis.

Twerk Hard, Pray Hard

Not only does the cussing pastor not consider his unorthodox ministry offensive to God, he recently told The Christian Post he doesn’t even believe he is technically swearing. “There is a difference in ‘cussing’ and ‘cursing’ as people say. The words that we use today like motherf***er, sh*t, damn, were not words that were used in biblical times.”

It’s obvious Matthews is pushing the envelope for publicity. He has fondly promoted his most recent provocation, so-called Soulful Sundays, as three solid afternoon hours of clean adult fun in a video that featured plenty of big beats and dancing bodies to match.

It was enough to make fellow Christians enraged at the potential damage to being done to the faith movement.  

“Woe be unto to the pastors who scatter the sheep of my flock! I don’t think you understand how many people just got turned off & walked away from wanting any interest in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is truly not of God, you need to repent so you can make it into Heaven. The blood is on your hands sir & you will have to answer to all of this! REPENT & come out of that backslidden state!” the worshiper wrote online.

Much Ado About Cussing

The cussing pastor refused to back down, echoing previous arguments that the women in those videos had found God after a long absence. “You can’t clean a fish until you catch it, and you can’t catch a fish until you go where it’s at. At Naked Truth I don’t care about your son of choice I just want you to know that no matter who you are God Loves you and I welcome you. So if you’re mad get over it because…it’s a new day, a new thing and we’re trying to save those who are lost.”

Does the pastor have a point? Are these reactions really just “bullsh*t from the pulpit” – unnecessary blowback to all the stiff modesty traditional religion has taught us for years? Some may argue he’s simply using the nomenclature of our time to reach those who are otherwise unreachable.

Or is the cussing pastor little more than a longtime controversy-seeker who is back at it again? A man who loves the headlines his behavior creates?

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