How to make branded podcasts that pop

Source: AdAge

Despite its popularity, Trader Joe’s does no traditional marketing and doesn’t discuss internal issues with the media. Those seeking details about the inner workings of the company, however, can tune into its podcast. “Inside Trader Joe’s” shares information such as how often it turns around its products, and how it decides which food items go on the shelf.

Although most marketers know the company doesn’t advertise, what may come as a surprise is how popular Trader Joe’s podcast is; it ranks in the top 1 percent of all podcast downloads, regardless of genre. It averages more than 35,000 downloads within the first 30 days of an episode’s release, according to Libsyn, the largest paid podcast-hosting network, with clients such as Pandora, Spotify and Amazon.

An entirely different brand, Smeadwhich makes those manila envelopes found in nearly every officehas a podcast called “Keeping You Organized” that’s been running for five years, and ranks in the top 10 percent of all podcast downloads. Meanwhile, GE’s fictional show, “The Message,” is regarded by many as the most successful branded podcast ever, garnering more than 8 million downloads since its release.

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