Forgive Thy Selfie

The selfie. First of all, I have a problem with the actual word. How it made it into Webster’s Dictionary as a legitimately acceptable word is beyond me. That being said, I have many qualms about the selfie, beyond the word itself.

Did Baba Vanga, The Nostradamus of the Balkans, Predict 9/11?

There’s a whole lot of talk lately about Baba Vanga, the Blind Bulgarian prophetess known as “The Nostradamus of the Balkans.” She died in 1996 and the claim is her success rate is 85% despite that most of what she reportedly said was vague or close to gibberish.

The Real New York Dream

When you start your young adult life out here there is a New York dream you expect to live. This goes for NYC implants, and the raised New Yorkers. You’re supposed to have the cute chic shoe box apartment in the lower east side

The Skin: A Short That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Justin Timms does some very interesting things with his short horror movie, The Skin. The movie itself is almost like playing poker with a really good player, only you are not aware they are a really good player until they beat you.


Redeemer stars martial arts action star, Marko Zaror as a former hit man who wanders the Chilean countryside dispensing ass-kicking, bare-knuckle vigilante justice.

The Wannabe

On the off chance you’ve been slaving away, inventing and constructing a time machine just to specifically travel back to 1990s New York City, do yourself a favor, put the wrench down and see The Wannabe as soon as possible.

All My Exes Live in Bushwick

I was 12 when I attended my first Brooklyn loft party alongside my mother. It was somewhere between East Williamsburg and Bushwick, and even though I was 12 I looked like a passable 18 with my Eastern-European tall gene and highly developed Lolita sex appeal.


Sometimes it is the non-politically correct comedies that fly under the radar that are the ones worth watching. Crackheads is just that.

Charles Manson: Is He Crazy?

Charles Manson’s fiancée had plans to sell or display his body after he died. Is that really reason enough to call off the wedding?